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About Us


Forsius Technology Advisory is a specialist consulting services firm that assists technology companies to develop and implement business strategy to win commercial projects in Australia, particularly in the government sector.


We provide our Australian and international clients with insights and advice on government technology policy, budgets and projects.  We identify prospective commercial opportunities, assist in developing business strategy, and ensure that our clients' senior executives are positioned to build productive relationships with governments.


Forsius Technology Advisory also provides a cost-effective market appraisal service for international companies considering initial entry into the Australian market.   We prepare a detailed report that identifies opportunities across Australian governments which can then serve as the basis to commence a market entry business plan.


Our projects have covered services, software and hardware procurement, as well as bespoke programs relating to smart cities, cybersecurity, internet filtering, intelligent transport systems, communications, and data analytics.  

Forsius Technology Advisory has a particularly strong track record in assisting international digital healthcare companies to position for opportunities with Australia's state and territory government health services.


If required, we can also introduce international companies to prospective local commercial partners in Australia, and can provide local director services for companies that intend to establish a registered office.

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