About Us


Forsius Technology Consulting is a boutique advisory firm that assists local and international technology companies to develop strategy and business planning to secure new commercial projects in Australia, particularly in the government sector.

We provide our clients with intelligence, insights, and advice on government information technology policy, budgets and projects, identify prospective commercial opportunities for them, assist in developing and implementing effective strategy and business planning, and guide them in building productive relationships with senior officials across the Australian public sector.

If required, Forsius Technology Consulting can introduce international companies to prospective local partners in Australia.


We also guide our clients through public sector procurement processes, focusing on the need for both Australian and international companies to be well-prepared and strategically-positioned for emerging government business opportunities.

Our consulting projects with Australian and international technology companies have covered IT professional services, software and hardware procurement, as well as more specialised projects relating to smart cities, cyber security, digital healthcare, cloud services, internet content filtering, intelligent transport systems, secure communications, and data analytics.